2019-2020 Tournaments and Awards Tower Takeover

St. Croix Lutheran VRC - High School Only (11-23-2019)

Tournament Champions    9457Y

Tournament Champions    9457Z

Tournament Semi-finalist    9457X

Tournament Semi-finalist    9457W 

Robot Skills Champion    9457B

Design Award   9457B

Judges' Award    9457X

Granite City VRC - High School Only (12-7-2019)

Tournament Semi-finalist    9457Z

Design Award    9457Z

Innovate Award     9457B

Amaze Award     9457X

Sportsmanship Award   9457X

MSU-Mankato VRC- High School Only (12-20-2019)

Tournament Finalist 9457W
Tournament Semi-finalist 9457B
Tournament Semi-finalist 9457Z
Create Award 9457B
Build Award 9457Z
Think Award 9457W

Kimball VRC- High School Only (1-11-2020)

Tournament Champions 9457W
Sportsmanship Award 9457C

MN State VEX Robotics Championship - High School Only (1-30-20 & 1-31-20)

Excellence Award        9457B

Tournament Champions    9457B

Tournament Finalist        9457Z

Tournament Semi-finalist    9457W

Energy Award        9457X

Sportsmanship        9457W

Inspire Award        9457W

Worlds Invites (World’s was cancelled due to Covid-19)




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