VEX Robotics State Championship 4-17-21

9457C, 9457S and 9457X



4:35 AM: Be at East to load the bus

5:00 AM: Bus leaves the school with or without you

7:30 AM: Check in/inspection; Practice Fields Open

8:30 AM: All teams need to be checked in & notebooks turned in

9:00 AM: Check in/Inspection closes

9:15 AM: Opening Ceremony/Team Meeting

9:30 AM: Qualification rounds begin

12:30 PM: Lunch Break (Box lunch provided)

1:00PM: Qualification rounds continue

3:00 PM: End qualifications

3:15 PM: Alliance Selection for elimination rounds

3:30 PM: Elimination rounds                                                                 

4:30 PM: Closing and Awards Ceremony

5:00 PM: Load the bus to head home. We will stop somewhere to get some supper (Bring money)

8:00 - 9:30 PM: Arrive back at East.                                                             

Your parents will need to be here to pick you up. We will have you call home with the exact arrival time when we get close to Mankato.

We still need volunteers – Sign up here



Local teams or teams that arrive early can arrive the day before for the early bird check-in. The pit area will be open from 6pm – 8pm the night before. Please maintain social distance from teams as you check in.


  1. Masks are required at all times.

  2. You should have noted how many are on your team with the survey you did when you registered your team . If you need to make modifications to that you still can login and make changes.

  3. All team members, coaches and volunteers will have a wristband. Anyone without a wristband will be asked to leave. Please leave the wrist band on all day Friday!!

  4. Lunch will be provided to all competitors, coaches and volunteers. We will deliver this to the Pit area, and you will need to stay in your pit to eat.

  5. Stay in your pit as much as possible. All of the ceremonies and speakers will be streamed to the Pit area so you will not miss out.

  6. Only 2 team members for the team parade. You will walk through and then exit back to the pit. No Hanging out in the competition area.

  7. Competitors, Volunteers, and coaches must stay on the designated side and use the designated restrooms. No crossing the line or they will shut us Down!!!

  8. No Outside food allowed.

  9. Important – If you qualify for worlds you need to have done at least 2 Remote Live tournaments!! If you Qualify and need a field, please make arrangements with me after the tournament to pick up a field and use for the World Championship. There are numerous Remote live events still planned to accommodate the teams to qualify for this part.  

  10. All teams will enter on the south side through Entry D, there is a drop off area for buses.


Spectators are allowed at the event with restrictions.

  1. Masks are required at all times.

  2. Each team is allowed 6 spectators, you as a team will need to figure out who should come. We will be livestreaming the event for those that can not attend. Once the 6 wristbands are gone for that team that is it no one else for that team.

  3. Spectators must sign up!!

    1. High school Spectators sign up

  4. They must sign up to receive a wristband.

  5. Spectators are NOT allowed during the early bird check in – ONLY TEAMS!!

  6. Spectators can not arrive until 9am on the day they are assigned. We need to get the teams checked in and out of that area before spectators can come in.

  7. Spectators will arrive on the south side through Entry D only

  8. Food is NOT Provide for spectators, but we will be shutting down for lunch to allow time to visit a local restaurant.

  9. No outside food allowed.

  10. Spectators need to stay in their designated area or we will be shut down!


Please be respectful of all these policies, and make sure your spectators know. Remember the Code of Conduct with VEX Robotics, and family members are part of the team, so please no issues.  We know it stinks, hopefully next year we are back to normal!!!!!