We are in the Science division. I've attached the list of teams we are competing against. The Dapper Droids from West and the Phrogs are also in our division. Here is the link to our division's broadcasts.


May 5th - VEX TV (vex Opening Ceremonies 12:55pm - 2:15pm

May 5th - VEX TV ( MS Finals, Closing Ceremonies, Game Unveil 4:55pm - 7:15pm

May 6th - VEX TV (vex Practice & Qualification Matches 7:55am - 7:30pm

May 7th - VEX TV (vex Matches, Playoffs & Awards 7:55am - 4:45pm

May 7th - VEX TV (vex Finals, Closing Ceremonies, Game Unveil Replay 4:55pm - 7:15pm