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TEAM 9457Z



Josh Gappa: Team Manager, Builder, Notebook

Patrick Blanchette: Team Captain, Lead Builder, Driver

Mason Peters: Programmer, Rules Expert

Ashton Beyer: Programmer, RUles Expert

Conner Blaukat: Builder

William Schwamberger: Programmer, Driver


St. Croix Lutheran Academy VRC Tournament (11-23-2019)

Tournament Champions    9457Z

Granite City VRC Tournament Turning Point - High School Only (12-07-2019)

Tournament Semifinalists    9457Z

Design Award            9457Z

Minnesota State University - Mankato VRC High School Only (12-20-19)

Tournament Semi-finalist 9457Z

Build Award 9457Z

MN State VEX Robotics Championship - High School Only (1-30-20 & 1-31-20)


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