2018-2019 Tournaments and Awards Turning Point


Granite City VRC Tournament Turning Point - High School Only (12-01-2018)

Tournament Champions    9457B

Tournament Champions    9457Y

Tournament Semi-finalist    9457W

Robot Skills Champion    9457B

Innovate Award        9457Y

Build Award            9457B

Think Award            9457W


Minnesota State University - Mankato VRC High School Only (12-21-18)

Think Award            9457Y


Kimball Area Schools Super Mega VRC Tournament - High School Only (1-12-19)

Tournament Champions    9457B

Tournament Champions    9457W

Tournament Finalist        9457Y

Tournament Finalist        9457Z

Robot Skills Champion    9457B

Excellence Award        9457X


MN State VEX Robotics Championship - High School Only (2-1-19 & 2-2-19)

Tournament Champions    9457B

Tournament Semi-finalist    9457W

Tournament Semi-finalist    9457Y

Excellence Award        9457B

Think Award            9457W

9457X - 28th

9457Z - 51st


Went to Worlds

9457B - 32nd in technology division (made it to round of 16)

9457W - 85th in research division

9457Y - 52nd in engineering division

Teams in MEHS Robotics for the 2018-2019 Season


Leif Stout                                             Dylan Moore                                    Michael Nguyen

Ryan Swanson                                   Jayden Siegle                                   Alex Huynh

Justin Hoeper



Ashton Beyer                                     Gavin Davis                                       Josh Gappa

Kezia Kim                                           Jackson Smith



Cole Himmer                                      Clarke Kennedy                               Tyson Chiet

Jamie Jo Rivers                                 Robert Mejias                                  Caiden Ecker



Aidan Kennedy                                 Logan Talle                                        Ty Pinette

Danvir Maharas                                Gavin Peterson




Parker Theobald                               Megan Geraets                                Omar Abdulla

Malachy Bloom                                 Jacob Wood



Kendyl Stueber                                 Grace Morgan                                  Junjie Lin

Tristan Lowe                                     Eston Yates                                      Austin Reinarts

Nadia Phillips



Anthony Mansfield                           Aaron Cherney                                Carina Whalen

Luke Drummer                                  William Schwamberger                  Michael Marthaler

Sophie Draper                                   Alex Berg



Grant Lindeman                                Brady Budge                                      Lauren Reuter

Noah Schroeder                                Patrick Blanchette                           Connor Maday

“9457B” - Student coach

Amber Marrs


Dave Stahl

Michele Machado

Max Mansfield - volunteer

Sarah Machado - volunteer

Kyle Ulrich - volunteer

 Jack Ternes- volunteer

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